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$50 Amazon Gift Card

20,000 ر.ع.


Amazon Gift Card is a practical choice for easy online shopping, allowing you to add funds to your Amazon account and purchase a wide range of products. It’s perfect for gift-giving or personal use, redeemable on Amazon.com, and can be used at any time as it doesn’t expire.


Amazon Gift Card is a flexible and convenient choice for online shopping, offering a hassle-free way to purchase a wide array of products on Amazon.com. It’s an excellent gift for anyone or an easy way to manage your own spending on Amazon without using a credit card.

How to Use an Amazon Gift Card:

  1. Locate the Claim Code:
    • For a physical gift card, scratch off the coating on the back to reveal the claim code. For a digital gift card, the code will be provided in the email or digital message.
  2. Redeem the Gift Card:
    • Visit Amazon.com and sign in to your account.
    • Navigate to “Your Account” and then to “Gift Cards”.
    • Click on “Redeem a Gift Card” and enter your claim code.
    • Click “Apply to Your Balance” to add the funds to your Amazon account.
  3. Shop and Use Your Balance:
    • The gift card balance will now be available to use for purchases on Amazon.
    • During checkout, ensure that you select your gift card balance as the payment method.


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